Are you giving the authority to create your mind and your life to others?

"Unleash the power of your mind! Gain unrestricted access to the Most Powerful & Creative Natural Resource on the Planet"

Empower yourself to create the freedom you desire

Do any of these sound appealing to you?


  • Going forward through life with a confident sense of control – making decisions easier and faster
  • Realizing that you are filled with powerful creative life force – knowing solutions are just a few inspired actions away
  • Knowing that you are a conduit for universal thought – bringing power to your every creation
  • Finding more health, wealth, and love in your life – getting more and making it better
  • Looking forward to an abundant life,  having fun sculpting the abundant life you deserve


Live the life of freedom and abundance you deserve to live.


From the Desk of Chuck Pennington

The Human Operating System - by Chuck Pennington

Dear Friend,

My book, “Human Being 2.0 – The Human Operating System” is a guide to awakening in you the most powerful natural resource on the planet.

The cool thing about it is that you’re born with it, it’s there right now, and you’re about to get unrestricted access to it!

I want you to pause for a moment, and realize something…

You can get anywhere you want to be from anywhere you are, if understand how to use the tools we are all born with…

Your “Human Operating System”


Consider this:

The moment you are born you are a powerfully creative being. You have an incredibly robust set of tools to create the abundant life you deserve.

We live in a world of messed up people.

There thousands of years and generations of adults enforcing fear, lack, and the view that life is a difficulty thrust upon the children of the world.

You’re one of these children.Human Being 2.0 - The Human Operating System by Chuck Pennington

These children grow into adults thinking that life is supposed to be a trial filled with lack, not an act of abundant creation.

This results in a further generation of screwed up adults that will then just turn around and pass that mess on down the line.

What you will learn in “Human Being 2.0 – The Human Operating System” awakens the in-born knowledge in you that will allow you to break this cycle.

Grant yourself the freedom of mind to fearlessly create life you desire; the abundant life you deserve.

Armed with the knowledge in “The Human Operating System” you will be able to:

  • Be happier more often
  • Create and maintain deeper relationships
  • Approach life with the childlike wonderment everyday
  • Leave fear behind
  • Live from a place of inspiration

Does any of this sound appealing to you?


You’re about to discover a new way to see things. A new way to observe your life, your place in life, and your place in your own life.

You’re about to discover how to access to the most powerful natural resource on the planet…

What it really all comes down to is a beautifully harmonic relationship with energy in all of it’s forms.

Check this out!

Everything is energy and energy vibrates…with vibration comes harmony.

Everything you are…

Everything you feel…

Everything you see, hear, taste, touch, and smell…

Your thoughts, your ideas, your consciousness…all energy.

The energy of life force that is you can never be destroyed, it can only be transformed. And you are the only one that has the authority to control how your energy will be transformed.

“Are you giving the authority to create your mind and your life to the others?”

What your life becomes is a direct result of your relationship with energy and how you interact with the “Harmony of Energy”.

Your relationship with the Harmony of Energy will determine what energy in your life will be transformed and what it will be transformed into.

The “Human Operating System” is your guide and users manual to your relationship with energy, your relationship with all that is.

The Human Operating System includes, but is not limited to:

  • Your Basic 5 senses
  • Your role as Observer
  • Your Sense of Emotion
  • Your Connection to Life Force
  • Your mind, It’s what you think
  • Ego – The outward looking sense of self
  • Your Relationship with the Intelligent Substance of Creation

Once you understand the your relationship with energy, you will be able to create any life that you desire starting from anywhere you are right now.


Your point of creation is always now.


  • Bring Clarity to your point of creation
  • Bring Focus to your point of creation
  • Bring Power to your point of creation

When you finish reading the Human Operating System and begin to use it in your daily life you will begin to see your life change in ways you have quite possibly never imagined.